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2016 | Gold 999 thousandths | VII Numismatics Jewels: “Iberians and Phoenicians” | Spain is Art

This coin of 20 euros face value has the reproduction of a gold Hemidracma of Ebusus (Ibiza) in proof quality of limited edition of 2,500 units presented in a jewelry box.
On the obverse, in the centre of the coin and inside a circle, the obverse of a Hemidracma of Ebusus is reproduced: an image of BES, the Phoenopunic deity that protects the home and sleep. This figure always appears from the front, with a beard, a tongue outside and a crown topped with a feathery plume. She is depicted covered with a skirt and carrying a mace in her right hand and a snake in her left. On the back of the coin, occupying all the space of the coin, the back of the hemidrach is reproduced, represented by a bull walking to the left and head facing forward.
There are known mints on the island from the 4th century BC until the reign of the Emperor Claudius in 54 AD.


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Weight 675 g
Dimensions 23 mm
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The VII Series of this Collection is dedicated to the "Iberians and Phoenicians", pre-Roman peoples who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula and left their mark on Spain's cultural heritage.


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