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2016 | Gold 999 thousandths | VII Numismatics Jewels: “Iberians and Phoenicians” | Spain is Art

Reproduction of a gold Clouniuq Ace from the second half of the first century B.C. in proof quality with a limited edition of 7,500 units presented in a jewellery box. It is a coinage from the transition period, already with a Latin legend. It belongs to the Iberian and Celtiberian coinage of Hispania Citerior, one of the two provinces in which the Republic of Rome divided the Iberian Peninsula after its first conquests in the east and south, around 40 to 20 BC. Its capital was Tarraco. Cordoba was the capital of Hispania Ulterior. The so-called Iberian Rider is reproduced on the backs of coins minted by different Hispanic mints, mainly from Hispania Citerior, between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC. The rider has different variants, carrying a palm, with a lance, or with a sword.
This coin, with a face value of 20 euros, reproduces, in the centre of the coin and within a circle on the obverse side, the Clounioq Ace, a male head with curly hair in the form of a helmet, with a right profile, which could be interpreted as the protective hero of the city and the horse as a sign of prestige, an element alluding to a warrior aristocracy. To his left “II”, two vertical lines (in the Iberian alphabet “I” means: Ba). To the right of the effigy, a dolphin.
On the back of the coin, occupying all the space of the coin, the reverse of the Clounioq Ace is reproduced: it shows us one of these varieties of the Iberian Rider, dressed with a helmet and carrying a spear on the right.
This same representation of the horseman was used on the 10 and 5 cent coins issued in Spain between 1940 and 1959.


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The VII Series of this Collection is dedicated to the "Iberians and Phoenicians", pre-Roman peoples who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula and left their mark on Spain's cultural heritage.


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