Spain is Art

Spain is Art is a company specializaded in retail sale of spanish numismatic products. After more twenty years of market experience, the owner Marco Gil founded the company in order to transmit passion and share the essence of the country through its products to anyone interested in it.

This is one of the most ambitious projects of the author that, next to the La Alegre Compañía offert—the main business of Marco—, it is based in the constant learning, respect and love of art as the leading corporated values.

Colaboration with the Royal Spanish Mint

The most featured thing about this entity is that Spain is Art is the main colaborator of the Fábrica Nacional de la Moneda y el Timbre (FNMT), the Royal Spanish Mint.

La Alegre Compañía

La Alegre Compañía relies on art, architecture, crafts, design, history, beauty, innovation and respect for nature as pillars of work.

With a careful selection of companies, products and, above all, People, La Alegre Compañía strives to communicate with other business, institutions and companies sensitive to the evolved language that should exist in the fascinating world of Design. The wish of the company is keep on learning and sharing knowledge in order to improve the quality of life of customers.

La Alegre Compañía works for Spain as agents (A) and as distributors
for Contract market (DC) with the following manufacturers:


Some of the projects and architects with whom the business has worked.

• Sede Social Sanitas.
(Primer edificio Bioclimático de España) (Ortiz- León).
• Sede social Valenciana de Cementos en Cairo.
• Dirección Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno.
• Torre Iberdrola. Presidencia. (Cesar Pelli Bilbao).
• Museo Guggenheim Bilbao (Gehry).
• Palacio de Congresos de Barcelona (Ferrater).
• Palacio de Congresos de Valencia (Foster).
• Palacio de Congresos de Vigo (Portela).
• Palacio de Congresos de Cartagena (Selgas-Cano).
• Museo del Mar (Aldo Rossi César Portela).
• Museo de las Palabras Vigo (Portela).
• Museo Fundación Balenciaga (AV 62).
• Museo Arqueología Subacuática Cartagena (Vazquez Consuegra).
• Clinicas Baviera.
• Editorial Turner Libros.
• Hotel Domine, Bilbao (Mariscal).
• Torre Agbar (Nouvel).
• Museo Romano Cartagena (Moneo).
• Restaura, sede social.
• Hotel Sheraton Bilbao.
• Euskaltel.
• Linklaters.
• Gimnasios Mundo Salud.
• Camara de Comercio italiana.
• Morgan Stanley Madrid.
• Residencia de Estudiantes Madrid (Junquera Perez Pita).
• Casa de Cultura, Ayuntamiento y Biblioteca de Rincón de Soto.
• Biblioteca Uned (Linazasoro).
• Caixa Forum Madrid (Herzog DeMeuron)
• Google España (Torre Picasso).
• Escuela de música, biblioteca y ayuntamiento en Meco.
• Hotel Puerta América (Foster,Hadid,…).
• Instituto Cervantes en Dakar, Gibraltar, Milán y Sede en Madrid.
• Casa Museo del Greco en Toledo (Pardo).
• Hotel Atrio Caceres (Mansilla Tuñon).
• Restaurante Tickets de Ferrán Adriá.
• KLB Madrid (Benbunan Arquitectos).
• Museo Arqueológico Nacional.
• Residencia Fonseca Salamanca (Puente).