Getting fresh, clean drinking water to all corners of the world, and tackling plastic soup at its source is a dream shared by many. With our reusable water bottles, and refill stations we try to realize this dream every day. Every bottle and every tap is part of the largest pipe system in the world. Long enough to provide the planet with clean drinking water.

Your city

Locally bottled tap water in a reusable bottle, made from sugarcane.

Your bottle

By reusing our water bottles, we can put a dent in the amount of plastic waste.

Your water

We set up water projects in developing countries.

“Madrid water is the best for its flavor and properties.”

Madrid is among the 5 best waters in the capitals of Spain, according to a study carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) in 2014, and Madrid citizens enjoy it drinking it from the tap and in the fountains of the city.